1. You’re awesome and you know it.

2. It’s impossible to frown when you’re eating a chocolate chip muffin.

3. It’s big enough to share, but sensible enough to keep all to your self.

4. It’s like a big hug for your tongue.

5. It’s just like a beautiful, wonderful dream. Except it’s real.

6. When it’s gone there are two more in the box.

7. A chocolate chip muffin never broke your heart.

8. You can still dance with a Smartmuf’n™ in your hand.

9. Because when you’re done eating it you can wear the wrapper like a cute little hat.

10. Because you can confide in that dark chocolate chip goodness all of your deepest, darkest secrets without fear.


So smart and so low calorie,
we needed a shorter name
— Muf’n.

Smart Baking Company™ is once again going beyond gluten free. Now, the company is changing the way we look at breakfast. The newest product, the Smartmuf’n™ is only 90 calories and offers customers a slice of “me” time with a decadent chocolate chip flavor—but it’s healthy. The Smartmuf’n™ delivers all of the benefits of Smart Baking Company’s™ other products.

Now that’s smart.



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Chocolate Chip Smartmuf’ns™


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