As contributed to Diabetes Daily

Braving rush hour traffic, shuttling the kids from practice to practice or running from meeting to meeting—these days, it’s easy for people to end up at the vending machine, convenience store or drive-thru regardless of dietary requirements.

But for people living with diabetes, these situations can get even trickier. Not only can fast food meals pack an enormous calorie count, even seemingly “healthy” options in the drive-thru or convenience store can include off-the-charts carbs or sneaky sugar.

Even so, it’s often essential for people with diabetes to keep a snack on hand to keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. So how do you reconcile these needs with busy daily life?

Snacking on the go can still be a cinch with just a little planning. Try out these five ideas for eating on the go with diabetes.

1. BYO Bun

Making healthier choices on the go doesn’t have to involve a whole lot of foresight, and you can still dine out—just bring your own bun. Many restaurants are happy to prepare your sandwich using a bun you bring, and if you’re in the drive-thru lane, you can DIY the switch easily.

Smartbuns® from Smart Baking Company are an excellent choice. They are made from a blend of non-digestible fiber, meaning they have zero net carbs, so they won’t spike your blood sugar. With only 72 calories, they are also high-protein and gluten-free—so you might just want to bring some for everyone.

2. Brown Bag It

If you’re looking to save money and stay on track, meal prepping is definitely the way to go. A simple sandwich can be the perfect option if you’re looking for diabetes-friendly lunch ideas on the go or quick meal ideas for people with diabetes for dinner. The high-fiber, low-carb Smartbun® could be the perfect base here, too. Layer on some deli turkey or chicken and stack it with some of your favorite veggies, like spinach, cucumbers or onion. Add a bag of carrot sticks or bell peppers and a cup of yogurt for an easy, filling meal on the run.

3. Mix It Up

Soda, smoothies or sugary coffee drinks can be serious sources of problems for people with diabetes. They’re easy to add on, and because it’s not food, people can forget to tally up the nutritional information. You might not even realize just how bad they can be, especially in terms of sugar. You don’t have to give up on that refreshing sip, however. There are dozens of options for to-go cups these days that will make it easy to take your smoothie on the road.

Smart Baking Company’s Smartcakes® can bulk up any smoothie. The snack cakes are gluten-free and use the same fiber blend base as Smartbuns®— meaning they are also low-carb. Made with erythritol and natural monk fruit, they’re a great way to add sweetness without adding sugar. A bonus? They have only 38 calories each and are high-protein! Throw a Smartcake® into the blender with unsweetened almond milk, a few ice cubes and fruit of your choice and blend up your own creative and delicious smoothies.

4. Make Way for Parfait

If you need an option for when those late-afternoon cravings hit in the office, this sweet snack for people with diabetes could be perfect for you. Mason jars have been popular on Pinterest for a while now, so take advantage of the trend and grab one to take a parfait on the go. Divide a low-calorie Smartcake® in half and place the bottom in the jar. Layer on low-fat Greek yogurt and some fruit, then top with crumbles from the top of the Smartcake® for a totally satisfying treat that’s ready to go.

5. Just Grab and Go

If you don’t have time for any prep, you can still stay on track. Just grab a Smartcake®! These diabetes-friendly snack cakes were designed to make eating healthy easy, anywhere. Packaged in a two-pack, they’re easy to grab and stow in a purse or in your desk, and they’re perfect to pull out as an option if everyone else is indulging in something sweet. They’re actually the only FDA-approved designation of “healthy” cake. A bonus? Smartcakes® are sold at select health food retailers nationwide, so you could even pick one up just like you might at a convenience store.

Smart Baking Company makes it easy to snack smarter on the go. We’re dedicated to changing the way people look at healthy food, providing delicious options that everyone can enjoy, wherever they are.