5 Ideas for Eating on the Go with Diabetes

As contributed to Diabetes Daily Braving rush hour traffic, shuttling the kids from practice to practice or running from meeting to meeting—these days, it’s easy for people to end up at the vending machine, convenience store or drive-thru regardless of dietary...

Top 5 Gluten and Sugar Free Cake Recipes

As contributed to Diabetes Daily Healthy cake is not an oxymoron! You can have your cake and eat it too. It just needs to be the right cake. Healthy and fun can — and should — go hand in hand. Gluten free does not need more sugars and starch to offset the benefits. ...

When Diabetes Doesn’t Mean Eating Differently

As contributed to Diabetes Daily  Maybe you’re at your granddaughter’s birthday party when someone offers you a slice of cake. Or maybe you’re catching up with a cousin at a family picnic when the plate of burgers is passed your way. If you’re living with diabetes,...
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