Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

Sometimes simple wins. Just choose some classic Smartcake® flavors like chocolate or cinnamon. Cut each in half. Top with heavy whipping cream. Drizzle some sugar free caramel and fudge syrup over it and slice some strawberries over the top of them. An under 150 calorie dessert that is too much for one person to finish. The only sugar is in the strawberries naturally. Photo provided by Lowcarbtraveler.

Smartcakes® have 4 grams of protein per cake from whey protein isolate and eggs. At 38 calories a cupcake, choose a favorite flavor and a way to serve it, rather than pass up dessert. That is a resolution we can start.

Also, a shout out to our friends who follow a Keto diet, your craving for cakes ends here!  Try these recipes as we have used all Keto friendly ingredients.

The Smart Baking Company is a small gluten free commercial bakery start-up in Sanford, Florida that has broken the code for truly healthy, guilt-free baking. Smart Baking Company products go beyond gluten free by also eliminating starches and sugars. In the place of these unhealthy ingredients, the experts at Smart Baking Company add protein and insoluble fiber.

Basically, they created a food supplement that you consume in the form of hamburger buns and cupcakes. What’s more, these products aren’t stamped with simple, gimmicky slogans like gluten free to make you think they are healthy. For example, a carrot and a rice cookie are both gluten free, but their nutritional values are still very different. A carrot is a whole food and has on average about 200% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake. The gluten free cookie, on the other hand, is likely full of sugar, fat, and starch. Clearly one is healthier than the other.

—  as seen in Diabetes Daily

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