At Smart Baking Company, like you, we stand with our families, friends and coworkers who have weathered storms, a second wave of the pandemic and even wars, to take time off to celebrate Labor Day. We want to pause to thank our first responders and protectors. The EMTs, paramedics, hospital workers, police, service members, teachers… the list goes on. Everyone who kept us all safe and open for the business of surviving and thriving at home and abroad, thank you.

We don’t have a sale today, just some time off to reflect, show our gratitude, and recharge. We will be closed Monday, but open again Tuesday to bake and ship. 10% of our website sales from this weekend will go to food banks to help those who cannot afford to put food on their tables right now. Thank you to all of our coworkers who showed up to bake, when staying at home seemed the much easier path. Thank you to all of our customers who kept our business alive. Thank YOU for being such an important part of our journey.

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