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The Smartbun® is a Gluten-free, 76 calorie burger bun with 10 grams of protein per bun. The bun is high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Make fun food part of a healthy diet with the Smartbun®. It’s great for your weight!
Ingredients: Purified water, Proprietary fiber blend (Oat fiber, Corn fiber, Flax), Eggs, Erythritol, Whey Protein Isolate Egg Whites, Sunflower oil, Cellulose gum, Natural flavor, Spices, Potassium chloride, Sesame seed, (topping) CONTAINS: EGG, DAIRY

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22 reviews for Sesame Smartbun® 6-Pack

  1. Kerry Hoffman

    There isn’t a gluten free bun on the market that can surpass these!! Texture and flavor is perfect. Just as good, no… BETTER than regular wheat buns. Please keep these in stock!!

  2. Kitsel (verified owner)

    My daughter and I were almost crying tears of joy being able to have our hamburgers on buns tonight. She has Celiac disease and I am on a ketogenic diet. They did NOT disappoint! They were moist… no weird or off flavors (like many other brands)… they didn’t crumble or fall apart. Smart Baking… you’re my new best friend!

  3. Dara Hart

    I don’t know how you do what you do; but all I ask is that you never stop! Amazing! I can’t tell the difference. You have a committed customer! I would love to see you add hot dog buns to your bread options. 🙂

  4. Mai (verified owner)

    Love these buns, Zero net carbs! Just beginning Keto for two months and wanted a bread texture option . Tried other alternative bread options and even tried to make a Keto bread. All were gross, dry or smelled and tasted weird. I ate my first bun and had to go back and read ingredients, so good that I couldn’t believe it was Keto approved , but they are!!

  5. okanestarr11 (verified owner)

    I love these so so much! I am following a strict diet and I am trying to lose weight. Stumbling across these buns are a total game changer. I put literally everything on them. The only thing I would say is to toast them. My fav! Just bought another pack, also bought a pack of the plaint o try!

  6. caharrod (verified owner)

    5+++ stars! I’ve been doing low carb/keto for about 15 years and have never found an acceptable replacement for bread products…until now! These are absolutely WONDERFUL! No “off” taste and the texture is on point. Throw out all the bread substitute recipes and buy these buns…you won’t be disappointed! My freezer will be stocked with these beauties from now on!

  7. jsbarrett3 (verified owner)

    This is by far the BEST 0 carb buns I have ever had!!! I ordered one pack to try only 2 weeks ago and I have now turned around and ordered 4 more packs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  8. Susan Stearns (verified owner)

    I ordered some of these sesame buns on Black Friday so I could try them at a deal. They arrived the day the extended deal ended. I immediately made a hamburger with these buns buttered and seared through. Absolutely fantastic! Needless to say, I turned around and ordered the 24 pack of buns before the great deal ended! Thanks for wonderful product and thanks for offering a deal that let me take a (winning) gamble!

  9. Kathy Jimison

    OH My!! I just received mine yesterday and I’ve had a hamburger for the last 2 nights. They are amazing. Feel like I’m cheating. Couldn’t imagine life without them.

  10. kwright47303

    These buns are fantastic!
    I let them sit out at room temp while I am cooking meal and then prepare them as I choose below:
    I usually put them in microwave for about 10-15 seconds then they are warm and delicious.
    I also use them for Garlic Bread, I just open them, spray with butter and garlic and broil them until brown. So good!
    I only wish they would make these in sub buns or hot dog buns however, I do use them for a sub sandwich. I put a little fat free cheese on each half and broil until cheese melts, then add my meat and condiments. Yummy!

  11. Geoff

    I bought these today at a store and took them home to make burgers. I am very impressed. They are the best product I have found yet with zero net carbs for Keto. I will definitely be buying these every week.

  12. Nicole

    These buns are life and this company is awesome to work with. So wonderful with my keto diet. If you are reading this and pondering over the buns… just do it!

  13. Dana meeks

    Absolutely love them keep doing what you’re doing the hamburger buns are absolutely wonderful. Made a cheeseburger and it was the best and I love bread and haven’t been able to have bread because so high in carbs but this bread is wonderful and I can have it now

  14. Laurie

    I am SO happy with these buns!!! 😁😁😁

  15. Kimberly Lindsey

    Just popped a hamburger bun in the toaster and put avocado on top for my breakfast…..Thank you!!!!!!!! I have missed that morning routine. What else do you have cooking in your miracle kitchen for us?????? Can’t wait. Between the amazing cakes (lemon and cinnamon are my favorite) and these buns,you’ve filled a void


    My oh my!! Made a cheeseburger today with these buns and could not tell the difference. Wished I would have ordered more!! hahaha

  17. Cristan

    These are AMAZING!! The hardest part of staying keto for me was not having bread for sandwiches/burgers and this completely changes the game for me! I can now have a sandwich that tastes like I’m Eating actual bread! Thank you so much for bringing joy back into my life!

  18. Ashley

    Wow. I just received my order. I took a leap of faith and ordered several packs in the hopes I found my holy keto grail. I am so flippin happy I did! I tried the smart cake from a keto subscription box and was hooked and saw these buns. If there is one thing I miss it’s eating a burger with my hands. I tried a bun as soon as it arrived by itself and the taste texture and look was out of this 0 net carb world. I had two other people try it without saying anything and they just looked at me and said something along the lines of “ok. It’s a burger bun, what about it?” Then when I explained it was 0 net carbs they were SHOOK. I love to bake but I don’t think burger buns or cakes will be high on my keto baking to do list because of smart baking company.

  19. Lynne

    My first shipment of the sesame seed Smartbuns just arrived, and I immediately made a tuna fish sandwich… something I had been craving on my Keto eating plan but couldn’t. I have to say… excellent bun! I have attempted baking buns and bread and crackers for months now, with little success. Your product is soft and light and I could never have distinguished it from regular buns. I am delighted! Can’t wait to try the cakes, which are coming. I highly recommend this product- you won’t be disappointed.

  20. budf15

    Just ate my first hamburger using these buns. In a word, it was fantastic! And with Zero Net Carbs, it’s perfect for my Keto diet. For those curious if these will impact your ability to stay in Ketosis, I tested 1 and 2 hours after eating the bun and was still solidly in ketosis for both tests. Between your delicious cakes and these awesome burger buns, you’ve solved the hardest part of eating Keto for me. Many thanks!

  21. mekashawn (verified owner)

    This is MY FAVORITE BUN of all time!!! I can’t believe that it can taste sooooo good and still be great for you. This is the only bun that I will eat, and I keep them at all times in my freezer! Well Done!!!!!!!!

  22. jlightfritz

    Whatever you guys are doing to make THE BEST BUN EVER – keep doing it. I will be filling my freezer with these!

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