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At Smart Baking Company™, we’re proud to produce innovative products that bring everyone to the table. But what we love even more is seeing the creative ways our customers make use of our products!

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While we can’t deny that a Smartcake®, Smartbun® or Smartmuf’n™ are delicious and satisfying bites on their own, the possibilities of what you can create with Smart Baking Company™ products is almost endless. We recently asked our customers to submit their most creative, most delicious recipes, and we’ve compiled them into one amazing resource for keto-friendly recipes, diet-friendly recipes and gluten-free recipes.

From stuffing and egg muffins to sandwiches, desserts and even waffles, we’ve got a recipe for everything, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. With the Smart Baking Company Recipe Ebook, you can make the most of your ME time, anytime!