Gluten free Keto Friendly Desserts

Our Smartcakes® are a dream come true for Keto dieters.
Delicious and healthy, these Keto friendly desserts

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    Sesame Smartbun® 6-Pack

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    Smart Baking Variety Pack

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    Plain Smartbun® 6-Pack

  • Chocolate Chip Smartmuf’n® 3-Pack


Customers Love Our Keto Desserts

What a boon to the Keto way of life! No guilt for eating cake! Tasty flavors, bread is awesome and light, and shipping is quick and easy!

Michelle Wayne Lyon

So glad to find a great snack and still stay on track.

Tricia Granoff Illescas

Smartcakes are my absolute best sweet treat!!! Keto friendly !!! My day is complete!!!

Michelle O'Neill

I am counting points on WW and Smartcakes are the best low point dessert item you will ever taste!

Nauman Bertram

The products are delicious and fit into my eating plan. They are non-GMO and that is very important to me.

Robin L. Shope

Smartcakes help me keep on track when I want something sweet!! They are light instead of dense like other low carb baked goods.

Jacque Wise

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    "OUT OF SPEC" 24 Smartbuns® Plain

  • Banana Nut Smartmuf'n™

    Banana Nut Smartmuf’n® 3-Pack

  • Sale! Banana Nut Smartmuf'n 9-Pack

    Banana Nut Smartmuf’n® 9-Pack


Looking for a low-carb, keto-friendly dessert that satisfies? You’ve come to the right place. Smart Baking Company’s Smartcakes® are zero net carbs, with only 38 calories—the perfect low-carb dessert for any diet. Made with a proprietary blend of fiber, they’re also great gluten-free desserts. Order now and taste for yourself!