As contributed to Diabetes Daily 

Maybe you’re at your granddaughter’s birthday party when someone offers you a slice of cake. Or maybe you’re catching up with a cousin at a family picnic when the plate of burgers is passed your way.

If you’re living with diabetes, you might have had these experiences before, instead turning to a special sugar-free dessert, picking around your hamburger bun, or worse, having to politely pass. Constantly saying no or sitting out can make you feel not only deprived but excluded.

Learning to navigate your health when you have diabetes is a journey. You might add in more exercise and pay attention to your weight. You might learn to plan ahead and pay more attention to what your body is feeling and telling you. Finally, you might also take notice of your diet, eating more vegetables and heart-healthy fats, while cutting back on carbs and sugar.

But while diabetes does often mean eating in a different way, it doesn’t have to mean eating differently than those around you.

Smart Baking Company™ believes deeply that there should be a way to bring everyone to the table—and it should be healthy. The company has cracked the code on healthy baking to do just that with its Smartbuns® and Smartcakes®. Smart Baking does this for those with diabetes by addressing two main concerns: carbs and sugar.

Get Off the Carb Roller Coaster

Grains—even whole grains that are processed into fine flour—are digested quickly, meaning they can spike blood sugar. The drop after can put anyone on the blood sugar roller coaster.

Smart Baking Company products combat this by using a proprietary blend of rice fiber, oat fiber, corn fiber and flax. These carbs are not digestible and pass through the body with no glycemic effect. Subtracting the fiber and erythritol mean both products also have zero net carbs, making them a great low carb snack for people with diabetes.

That means that not only are Smartbuns® and Smartcakes® a low glycemic snack, they’re gluten-free, and Smartcakes® are a perfect sweet thing to eat on keto.

Break Away from Sugar

As with any baked good, sugar is a concern for those with diabetes. It prolongs those harmful blood sugar spikes and makes it hard for your body to tell when it is full. It also unleashes feel-good chemicals in your brain, prompting you to take bite after bite.

Smart Baking Company breaks away from this with erythritol, a sugar alcohol that is almost noncaloric and does not affect blood sugar. This is used in both Smartbuns® and Smartcakes®. Smartcakes® also use the natural sweetener monk fruit, which also does not raise blood glucose levels.

This makes Smartcakes® a perfect sweet snack for people with diabetes.

Bring Everyone to the Table

But it doesn’t stop there. Smart Baking Company adds as much to its products as it leaves out. Both Smartcakes® and Smartbuns® are high-protein. One Smartcake® has 4 grams of protein, and one Smartbun® has an incredible 10 grams.

Smartcakes® and Smartbuns® also have 5 grams and 12 grams of fiber, respectively, and because they use flax in their blend, they are high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

With just 38 calories in a Smartcake® and 72 calories in a Smartbun®, these products are attractive to any dieter or health-conscious eater.

Gluten-free, keto, health-conscious, diabetic—with Smart Baking Company, everyone can enjoy the same delicious and healthy foods. It’s the smart choice. After all, life’s better when everyone shares a meal.