Our products go Beyond Gluten Free to satisfy familiar “carb” cravings without the actual carbs. This is so unique, SBC patented it. The Smart Baking Company was formed when the team broke the code of baking “carb free” bread. Our carbs are actually non-digestible fiber and hence non-caloric and not relevant to the GI index. It also explains why Smart Baking cakes and buns have such a low caloric content. This patented formula is at the core of a smart and new way to enjoy baked goods.


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Cinnamon Smartcake® Shipper Box


(11 customer reviews)
The Shipper box of consists of 8 x 2-packs for a total of 16 Smartcakes®.

Recommended Storage: Smartcake® will last for 120 days in a cool, dry place. If not consumed immediately, we recommend that you freeze or refrigerate them. If frozen, thaw at room temperate until soft.



Contains 8 Units (16 cakes total).

At only 38 calories per Smartcake® they are Beyond Gluten Free. They have 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and still manage to taste great with No sugar and No starch.

Cinnamon Ingredients: Eggs, Purified water, Proprietary fiber blend (Oat fiber, Corn Fiber, Flax), Erythritol, Whey Protein Isolate, Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Pure vanilla, Salt, Cellulose gum, Monk fruit, Citric acid, Spices, Herbs

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Weight 1.5 lbs

11 reviews for Cinnamon Smartcake® Shipper Box

  1. Jackie (verified owner)

    omg are these good!

  2. smmoody10

    Omg. So good and filling. Awesome with coffee. Thank you for making these huge fan.

  3. mjruden76

    I just received my smart cakes today. They are the best cakes ever!!!

  4. Kelley Hall

    I think these are fantastic!!

  5. Sean Wachob (verified owner)

    I jokingly searched for sugar free cinnamon rolls one day and these came up. I gave them a try and they are great, and with no net carbs! These definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.

  6. Kristina Floyd

    Tried these this past weekend… Lets just say I’m a VERY Happy Camper! lol

  7. judi.a.paul

    Finally a delicious gluten free treat that is not high in calories. Love them.

  8. Rachel

    Just finished my first box of cinnamon Smart Cakes! Very delish!! I am now going to order the lemon and the Smart Buns- I am sooo excited! Thank you- you guys totally rocked it😊👍🏻

  9. llavery1415

    All I can say is yum, yum! You will love every bite!

  10. Laura G Owens

    These are ABSOLUTELY delicious. Can’t say enough good things. Tasty, filling. I live in Central Florida and am thrilled to support such a wonderful local business!

  11. Jewel

    Sooo delicious. On WW and these fit my points lifestyle. They are 1 sp each. Wish they would lower the price it is kinda pricey.

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