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You already love Smart Baking Company™’s beyond gluten free products. Now help us spread the love!

We are proud to offer one of the best ambassador marketing programs and are looking for bloggers, influencers and marketers to share our awesome health food products while generating income. Learn how to join the Smart Baking family below!

What we’re looking for

Brand ambassadors who have a strong following, whether through social media, a blog, a website, newsletter or other outlet. We are particularly looking for those who connect with our products. Our target categories include weight loss, fitness, gluten free diets, keto, diabetics, low carb diets, high fiber supplements, and healthy food options.

How it works.

Once approved, you receive a referral link and banners to share. You’re welcome to write blogs or articles, send out emails, or post on social media to share with your followers.

When someone clicks on your link, they will be directed to our online store. If they decide to purchase a product, you receive a commission for the purchase.

We are proud to offer a
5 percent commission for our ambassadors.

 The more you share the products you love with new customers, the more you could make for yourself!

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