Staying healthy has never been so easy

Fun fact:

To burn the calories in 1 serving of Smartcake® you only need to:
✅ Walk 5 minutes
✅ Sleep 15 minutes
✅ Sit 45 minutes
✅ Think 55 minutes



Variety Pack SmartCake 8-pack


Contains 8 x 2-packs for a total of 16 SmartCakes.
Experience a burst of flavor with our Variety Pack SmartCake – a delicious assortment featuring all our irresistible flavors!
At only 38 calories per SmartCake, they are Beyond Gluten Free. They are packed with 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and still manage to taste great. Free of sugar and starch!
Purchase this product now and earn 31 Stars!

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What’s inside?

Our happy customers

These are amazing, low calorie and fluffy. Help with cravings so much, so delicious I want to eat the whole box!


Wow, what a treat! I eat this little treasure with my morning coffee and it’s delightful. Moist, light, fluffy, sweet, everything you want in a morning indulgent treat with none of the carbs or sugars to actually weigh you down.


I love these cakes! Every single flavor is spot on and so tasty! Tastes exactly like a real cake, but it’s healthy! Highly recommend!!


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