If the benefits of a Smartbun® were replicated in a shopping cart, with 9 grams of high-quality protein per bun, you would need 3 ounces of pure, non-GMO protein, preferably one high in Omega 3 fats. Then you would need to add mixed vegetables to get 11 grams of insoluble fiber. Finally add 1/2 of a banana for Potassium. Do all of this without exceeding 63 calories. Remember, what is not in your cart because these Smartbuns® are sugar free, starch free and gluten free. 

  • Sesame SmartBun 16-pack

  • Plain SmartBun 16-pack

  • Sesame SmartBun 4-pack

  • Plain SmartBun 4-pack

  • Bun Love Bundle | 12-month Smart Routine

    $31.99 / month for 12 months
  • Bun Love Bundle | 6-month Smart Routine

    $36.99 / month for 6 months
  • Bun Love Bundle


Each bag of Smartbuns contains 4 servings.
A case contains 6 bags for 24 total individually wrapped Smartbuns®.

Smartbuns® are sugar free, starch free, and gluten free— effectively,  zero net carbs, making them Keto-Friendly. 

Our Main Ingredients

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