Smart Baking Company™ developed a unique recipe that combines the best nutrients (protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, water and fiber) into a balanced healthy snack cake. Our Smartcakes® go beyond gluten free. They are sugar free and  starch free. Baked with the finest ingredients, Smartcakes® are all natural, non-GMO, full of fiber and packed with protein while being low in fat and only 38 calories for each Smartcake®. These figures really make your snack count.

  • Lemon SmartCake Four-Pack

    Lemon Smartcake® 4-Pack

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    Lemon Smartcake® 8-Pack

  • Raspberry SmartCake Four-Pack

    Raspberry Cream Smartcake® 4-Pack

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    Raspberry Cream Smartcake® 8-Pack


It is the first FDA approved designation of a “healthy cake.”

Whether on a keto diet, low carb or counting calories, we have all the right nutrition required for a variety of consumers. Smartcakes® are great for weight loss, gluten intolerance (celiac or a preference to eat gluten free), wheat or soy allergies and for diabetics. More fiber per serving than average snacks and about two times more water weight; makes customers feel fuller. Furthermore, it is packed with vitamins A (high volume of beta-carotene; an important anti-oxidant which supports eye sight, a healthy skin, the immune system, to name a few), vitamins B-1, 2, C, E and minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium. All this and sugar free too!

Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility.

Recommended Storage

Smartcakes® must be stored in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and optimal freshness. If not consumed immediately, we highly recommend to freeze or refrigerate them. If frozen, thaw on the counter for approximately 20 minutes or until soft.

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Our Main Ingredients

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