Lemon SmartCake 4-pack

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Contains 4 x 2-packs for a total of 8 SmartCakes.
Indulge in zesty delight with our Lemon SmartCake – a gluten-free, protein-packed treat bursting with tangy flavor!
At only 38 calories per SmartCake, they are Beyond Gluten Free. They are packed with 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and still manage to taste great. Free of sugar and starch!
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HEALTHY AND TASTY: Get the best of both worlds with three delicious cake varieties. This low-calorie treat is sure to please, and it's full of protein and fiber for a great tasting treat that's smart.

KETO FRIENDLY: With zero sugar, SmartCakes are the perfect treat for diabetics, keto dieters, or anyone looking to lower their sugar intake without sacrificing dessert. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

CURB SUGAR CRAVINGS: Nothing curbs the sweet tooth like a dose of sugary goodness. With SmartCakes you can get more of what you crave and still stay on track with your diet. 

STAY ON TRACK: Dieting is never easy, but you've got this. And, with a variety of tasty SmartCakes on hand it's and easy to stay on track. Sweet and satisfying, SmartCakes make diets a little easier.

LUNCHES ON-THE-GO: Individually wrapped for convenient packing. The perfect treat to add to anyone's lunch box or snack time in a hurry. A variety of low calorie treats the whole family will love.

LEMON INGREDIENTS: Eggs, Purified Water, Proprietary Fiber Blend (Oat Fiber, Corn Fiber, Flax), Erythritol, Whey Protein Isolate, Olive Oil, Pure Lemon Extract, Pure Lime Extract, Pure Vanilla, Salt, Cellulose Gum, Stevia Extract, Citric Acid, Spices, Herbs. CONTAINS: EGG, DAIRY

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32 reviews for Lemon SmartCake 4-pack

  1. Andrea A

    the Lemon Smartcake is an okay option for a guilt-free dessert, but it didn’t wow me. The flavor could use some improvement, and the price might make me think twice before repurchasing.

  2. Bodie Price

    Ordered the Lemon Smartcakes through Miracle Noodle website and they are delicate,moist,and delicious. 9g of carbs per muffin and they are not only satisfying they look beautiful too:-)

  3. Gerard DeVito

    The Cinnamon Smartcake from Smart Baking Company is a decent treat. The cinnamon flavor is enjoyable, but the cake could be moister. Packaging needs improvement as some cakes arrived slightly crushed. Overall, it’s a good option for health-conscious consumers seeking guilt-free desserts.

  4. Jaclyn Sherwood (verified owner)

    I purchased the 4 pack of the lemon smart cakes as I was not sure how I was going to like them, I needn’t have worried as just like the other flavors they were just delicious. No matter how hard I try I cannot eat just one of the smart cakes no matter what flavor sometimes I will even have three then I feel guilty like I’ve had a decadent dessert as I put sugar free frosting on top. I have to remind myself that these are very healthy I am diabetic so I have to be careful. I get the feeling I’m not alone at not being able to stop at just one.

  5. Matt

    These cakes are tasty, gluten free, and super low in calories. I like em!

  6. Kristy Bird (verified owner)

    The lemon flavor is absolutely delicious, I microwaved mine for 30 seconds and added a dollop of whip cream to the top and it was a treat!

  7. Robbin (verified owner)

    I don’t want to even say how incredibly good these are, I am afraid they will sell out! I promise you Lemon and Raspberry(all I’ve tried so far), are THE BEST treat of anything I have ever for KETO purchased.
    They are moist and delicious from first bite. They are two to a pack and they look like unfrosted cupcakes. They are amazing! If you are wondering after spending And wasting money before to just throw stuff out, like I have… I will tell you after ONE I already ordered a second box of the lemon!
    I am just going to keep them refrigerated. A few blueberries and a little cool whip and it will be fantastic. I tried the first one without all that.. I loved it. Thank you to Smartbaking co. For being so ethical and making a very good product!

  8. Kim Sieck (verified owner)

    I was so surprised at the moistness and taste of these little gems! I liked them so much I thought I would give their buns a try and picked them up today. You won’t be disappointed in these cakes that’s for sure.

  9. Jennifer Chacon (verified owner)

    I did not expect much from these lemon cakes but OMG they are amazing! So moist & taste so good. You would never know they are low in fat & sugar free. I love love love them.

  10. Beatrice Harrison (verified owner)

    I have taste all variety of smartcakes they are fantastic, delicious, and satisfy my sweet tooth. I like that these smartcakes are low in calories and fat helps keep my calories in control especially when I crave for something sweet. I always purchase these cakes taste good????

  11. Courtney (verified owner)

    So good!! I have been wanting to try these for so long & I’m so glad I did. They are so moist & taste just like lemon cake. Such a great low calorie treat to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  12. Emily Brown

    I absolutely love the lemon smart cakes! I am shocked at how moist they are, and the lemon flavor is very good and does not taste artificial.

  13. Lisa (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness these cakes are so good I wanted to eat them all but I didn’t will definitely be buying more

  14. katmdoe

    The lemon is fantastic!! I was skeptical but they nailed the flavor!! Would definitely try it with some whipped cream on top! Excellent Keto treat!

  15. Sandra simmons

    I just recieved the 2 pack from netrition website since i was ordering a bunch of keto stuff, i decided to add the 2 pack lemon and cinnamon to my cart. When i say, this is the best keto dessert I’ve ever had! For 0 net carbs this is absolutely tasty and I’m very picky when it comes to texture and taste. These are to die for! They taste just like a lemon pound cake. Texture is spot on! I warmed it up for like 13 seconds it was soooo good! I can’t wait to try the cinnamon and I’ll definetly be ordering their hamburger buns and more cupcakes! The sugary topping is the best part! Just when i felt like giving up on being keto, smartcakes just saved the day!! Thank you!!

  16. Melissa

    Please stock store up with these cakes!!! Hands down my FAVORITE dessert!!!

  17. Allie Marini

    Fantastic cakes — perfect portion & pairs wonderfully with fruit & whipped cream. The cakes are moist & fluffy, & they’re all that I’d hoped they’d be. Looking forward to my next shipment. Super great for folks on WW – 1 point per cake!

  18. meandmygirlsforever

    I am a veryyy picky eater and I loveeee these. I have for breakfast with strawberries and a cup of coffee. Soooo good.

  19. starlightllc

    Put me on the 5 star train, these are AWESOME, and I have no clue how you do it, but one thing that I have personally struggled with with Atkins was fiber, this makes that absolutely no problem at all. Of course there are 2 in the pack and they are like potato chips, you can’t eat just 1 when the other is staring at you. I will certainly be ordering again, and soon. Thank you Smart Baking Company for taking care of us low carbers!!

  20. Jade Burch (verified owner)

    I love carbs! Like, full fledged cake topped with icing made with granulated sugar lol. That being said I STILL found these cakes delicious! I topped them with some Halo top and fresh fruit and had a guilt free desert. Would highly recommend and I’m purchasing more : )

  21. joanielorraine (verified owner)

    I was not disappointed. Very moist and delicious. I am on WW formerly known as Weight Watchers and these are the perfect sweet treat. Only 1 smart point per cake.

  22. jjames7118

    Really satisfies that craving for lemon cake. Very moist with a lemon tang.

  23. mminnick57 (verified owner)

    I have been waiting for these to come! They came today and are wonderful! The cake is soft and fluffy. True lemon taste! Thank you! I have now ordered more!

  24. tristalovve

    These are so good. I wasn’t expecting something with very little calories and no carbs to taste so good. These are moist and contain just enough lemon.

  25. MissTchula

    OMGosh! I’m in love with these cakes!! I want them all ????

  26. Amanda (verified owner)

    Simply put, delicious! Soft, light, moist and sweet in a good way. No weird after taste, satisfies the sweet tooth.

  27. Jody Smart

    Just tried 1.. Amazing..Putting an order in asap!! Thank you for being smart..,& yummy!!!!

  28. Megan Howard

    Heaven. Lemon heaven. Not sure what kind of magician you hired but this is better then any cake I’ve ever had!!!

  29. Caroline Siple

    This is my favorite flavor, followed by Cinnamon and Coconut! Yummy!!

  30. emgrafelman

    Received these in Keto Krate. They were so good, that I’m definitely buying more! Moist, fluffy…definitely good if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

  31. Ashley

    A two pack came in my Keto Krate….WOW! They are absolutely delicious! I would say best low-carb dessert that I have had; great lemon flavor and super moist!

  32. candacecna (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this flavor. Very moist, right amount of sweetness, good lemon flavor.

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